Collection of 3 Theological Works by Walter Brueggemann

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This product consists of three (3) Theological Works by Walter Brueggemann:

  • Old Testament Theology: Essays on Structure, Theme, and Text: In these essays, Brueggemann addresses the necessity for thinking about the shape and structure of Old Testament theology—and for the impact such thinking can have on the larger issues of contemporary life.
  • Disruptive Grace: Reflections on God, Scripture, and the Church: These chapters gather Brueggemann’s recent addresses and essays, never published before, drawn from all three parts of the Hebrew Bible—Torah, Prophets, and Writings—and address the role of the Hebrew canon in the life of the church.
  • Theology of the Old Testament: Testimony, Dispute, Advocacy: In this powerful book, Brueggemann moves the discussion of Old Testament theology beyond the dominant models of previous generations.

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The following modules and groups are included when you purchase this package.

Category Code Title Price
WritingsBrueggemann-DisruptiveDisruptive Grace (Brueggemann)38.90
WritingsBrueggemann-EssaysOld Testament Theology (Brueggemann)34.90
WritingsBrueggemann-TheologyTheology of the Old Testament (Brueggemann)34.90


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