Collection of 4 Book Study Works by Walter Brueggemann

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This product consists of four (4) Book Study Works by Walter Brueggemann:

  • Like Fire in the Bones: Listening for the Prophetic Word in Jeremiah: Be prepared to learn a great deal about the contemporary interpretation of the book of Jeremiah. There is no better guide to what is going on in Jeremianic studies than the opening essays of this volume.
  • Israel’s Praise: Doxology Against Idolatry and Ideology: Brueggemann argues that, rightly practiced, the Psalms of Israel make available an evangelical world of Yahweh’s sovereignty—a world marked by justice, righteousness, mercy, peace, and compassion.
  • The Message of the Psalms: A Theological Commentary: Brueggemann explores how the genres of the Psalms can be viewed in terms of their function. This results in fresh readings of these ancient songs that illumine their spiritual depth. The voices of the Psalms come through in all their bold realism.
  • Spirituality of the Psalms: The seasons of our lives change. Using a model of orientation—disorientation—new orientation, Brueggemann explores how the genres of the Psalms can be viewed in terms of their function. Spirituality of the Psalms is an abridgement of Message of the Psalms.

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WritingsBrueggemann-FireLike Fire in the Bones (Brueggemann)24.90
WritingsBrueggemann-IsraelIsrael’s Praise (Brueggemann)18.90
WritingsBrueggemann-MessageMessage of the Psalms, The (Brueggemann)18.90
WritingsBrueggemann-SpiritualitySpirituality of the Psalms (Brueggemann)11.90


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