German Bible Bundle (January 2019)

Prod ID: German Bible Bundle_0119
Retail: $246.80 / Accordance: $169.00

This collection includes all German Bibles available in Accordance as of January 2019.  This collection includes eleven (12) translations – five (5) of which are lemmatized.

Included Modules

The following modules and groups are included when you purchase this package.

Category Code Title Price
International BiblesBASISBIBELGerman BasisBibel Neues Testament with Notes and Dictionary19.90
International BiblesBUBERGerman Die Schrift (Buber/Rosenzweig)19.90
International BiblesELBERGerman Elberfelder Bible19.90
International BiblesGNB-LEMGerman Gute Nachricht Bibel with lemmas, notes and dictionary24.90
International BiblesLEO-NT-GKEGerman Leonberger Bibel with GK Numbers and Phrase Tagging (New Testament)19.90
International BiblesLUTH-LEMGerman Lutherbibel 1984 with Apocrypha, lemmas, notes and dictionary24.90
International BiblesLUTH17-LEMGerman Lutherbibel 2017 with lemmas, notes and dictionary24.90
International BiblesMENGEGerman MENGE-Bibel19.90
International BiblesNGUGerman Bibel der Neue Genfer Übersetzung – NT & Psalms with Notes19.90
International BiblesSCHLAGerman Schlachter19.90
International BiblesSCHLA2KGerman Schlachter 2000 & Notes19.90
International BiblesZURCHER-LEMGerman Zürcher Bibel24.90
Accessory ModulesBASISBIBEL AnmerkungenBasisBibel AnmerkungenN/A
Accessory ModulesBASISBIBEL WorterbuchBasisBibel WörterbuchN/A
Accessory ModulesGNB AnmerkungenGNB AnmerkungenN/A
Accessory ModulesGNB WorterbuchGNB WörterbuchN/A
Accessory ModulesGNB2 AnmerkungenGNB2 AnmerkungenN/A
Accessory ModulesGNB2-LEMGNB2-LEMN/A
Accessory ModulesLEO-NT-GKE AnmerkungenLEO-NT-GKE AnmerkungenN/A
Accessory ModulesLUTH AnmerkungenLUTH AnmerkungenN/A
Accessory ModulesLUTH WorterbuchLUTH WörterbuchN/A
Accessory ModulesLUTH2 AnmerkungenLUTH2 AnmerkungenN/A
Accessory ModulesLUTH2-LEMLUTH2-LEMN/A
Accessory ModulesLUTH17 AnmerkungenLUTH17 AnmerkungenN/A
Accessory ModulesLUTH17 WorterbuchLUTH17 WorterbuchN/A
Accessory ModulesLUTH17-2 AnmerkungenLUTH17-2 AnmerkungenN/A
Accessory ModulesLUTH17-2-LEMLUTH17-2-LEMN/A
Accessory ModulesMENGE AnmerkungenMENGE AnmerkungenN/A
Accessory ModulesMENGE2MENGE2N/A
Accessory ModulesNGU AnmerkungenNGU AnmerkungenN/A
Accessory ModulesSCHLA2K NotesSCHLA2K NotesN/A
Accessory ModulesZurcher AnmerkungenZurcher AnmerkungenN/A
Accessory ModulesZurcher WorterbuchZürcher WörterbuchN/A


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