In Retrospect: Autobiographical Remembrances (F. F. Bruce) / January 01, 2017

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In Retrospect: Remembrances of Things Past is an intimate self-portrait of the life and times of F. F. Bruce, one of the evangelical world’s most beloved and influential biblical scholars. His commentaries on the Acts and Hebrews are considered classics.

In Retrospect paints a memorable picture of F. F. Bruce’s childhood in northern Scotland, his academic training at Aberdeen, Cambridge, and Vienna, and his career. His amazing memory is demonstrated in the book’s details; his delightful sense of humor in its stories of friends and acquaintances; his equanimity in its accounts of academia and evangelicalism; and his spiritual heritage as one of the Brethren. His modesty and reserve also come through in that he tells less than many readers would like to know about his own spiritual experience and his family life. Bruce was a blessed man with a satisfied mind. Here is a book that will warm your heart, enlighten your mind and call you to faithfulness to Jesus and his church.

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