Inscriptions-Northwest Semitic (English translation)

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This module includes the English translation of a collection of many of the major Northwest Semitic inscriptions.  Future upgrades are planned to include all major Northwest Semitic inscriptions (e.g., Aramaic, Phoenician, Moabite, Ammonite, Edomite, etc.)  See also the Inscriptions Index for detailed background information on the Northwest Semitic inscriptions.

Both the Northwest Semitic inscriptions and their English translations are included with the purchase of the Hebrew inscriptions (INSCRIP).

To save on the purchase of Hebrew inscriptions and translation along with Northwest Semitic inscriptions, translation, and index, see Inscriptions add-on bundle.

Where to Find

Inscriptions-Northwest Semitic (English translation) is included with the following packages

Category Code Title Price
Primary CollectionsColl12-HebrewExpertHebrew Expert Collection (Accordance 12)1999.00
Primary CollectionsColl13-HebrewExpertHebrew Expert Collection2199
Hebrew add-on bundlesInscriptions add-onInscriptions Hebrew with NWS, Translations, and Index59.90
Hebrew add-on bundlesInscript Add-onInscriptions Add-on: Inscriptions Hebrew, Index, and DEH99.90
Hebrew add-on bundlesEarly Hebrew Texts add-onHebrew Texts to 2nd Temple Period249.00
Hebrew Non-Biblical TextsINSCRIPHebrew Inscriptions (tagged)49.90


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