Hebrew Texts to 2nd Temple Period

Prod ID: Early Hebrew Texts add-on
Retail: $379.40 / Accordance: $249.00

This package of early non-Biblical Hebrew texts can be added to any Accordance Collection.  It contains a substantial set of fully tagged texts of non-Biblical Hebrew texts prior to the 2nd Temple period.


  1. (verified owner) Benjamin Noonan

    This is an outstanding resource for the study of ancient Hebrew, and only Accordance offers it. This resource includes modules for inscriptional Hebrew, Ben Sira, Hebrew texts from the Judean desert, the Samaritan Pentateuch, and the Mishnah. It helps to situate Biblical Hebrew within its broader context and facilitates comparison between the different stages of the Hebrew language. This resource also makes it easy to compare how various grammatical forms/structures are used in various Hebrew texts because they are grammatically tagged.

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