JPS Commentary Set (12 Volumes)

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The Jewish Publication Society’s highly acclaimed Bible Commentary series provides a line-by-line commentary of the original Hebrew Bible text, complete with vocalization and cantillation marks.

Each volume also contains supplementary essays that elaborate upon key words and themes, a glossary of commentators and sources, extensive bibliographic notes, and maps.

This set contains the following five (5) modules:

  • JPS Torah Commentary (5 volumes)
    • Genesis (Nahum Sarna)
    • Exodus (Nahum Sarna)
    • Leviticus (Baruch A. Levine)
    • Numbers (Jacob Milgrom)
    • Deuteronomy (Jeffrey H. Tigay)
  • JPS Commentary on the Megillot (4 Volumes)
    • Song of Songs (Author: Michael Fishbane)
    • Ruth (Author: Tamara Cohn Eskenazi; Editor: Tikva Frymer-Kensky)
    • Ecclesiastes (Author: Michael V. Fox)
    • Esther (Author: Adel Berlin)
  • JPS Commentary on the Haggadah (Author: Joseph Tabory)
  • JPS Commentary on the Haftarot (Author: Michael Fishbane)
  • JPS Commentary on Jonah (Author: Uriel Simon)

Included Modules

The following modules and groups are included when you purchase this package.

Category Code Title Price
CommentariesJPS 4 MegillotJPS Bible Commentary: The Megillot (4 Volumes) (The Song of Songs, Ruth, Ecclesiastes, Esther)169.00
CommentariesJPS HaftarotJPS Bible Commentary: Haftarot39.90
CommentariesJPS JonahJPS Bible Commentary: Jonah39.90
CommentariesJPS Torah CommentaryJPS Torah Commentary (5 volumes)129
Rabbinic Study ToolsJPS HaggadahJPS Commentary on the Haggadah39.90


  1. (verified owner) Ukfraser

    I initially bought the torah set and found it a breath of fresh air. Very readable and very clear.

    I have subsequently upgraded with the other sets. Apart from the torah and haggadah and haftarot, all of which i have found excellent, i have only dipped in to the others but have not been disapointed so am looking forward to spending more time exploring their wisdom

  2. TYA

    Very valuable for Jewish studies. The electronic format is well-done, and having this in digital format is priceless over regular books.

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