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A simple dictionary with definitions of Latin words, included with purchase of the Vulgate.

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Category Code Title Price
Primary CollectionsCath2-ACatholic Collection 2 CD-ROM-Advanced Level159
Primary CollectionsCath3-ACatholic Collection 3 CD-ROM Advanced Level159
Primary CollectionsUACath2Catholic Collection 2 – Unlock All209
Primary CollectionsUACath3Catholic Collection 3 CD-ROM Unlock All285
Primary CollectionsCath4-ACatholic Collection 4 Advanced Level179
Primary CollectionsPC-Cath4-ACatholic Collection 4 Advanced Level with disk for PC emulator139.99
Primary CollectionsUACath4Catholic Collection 4 Unlock All299
Primary CollectionsUA-S6.4Unlock All Scholar 6.40
Primary CollectionsUA-S6.9Unlock All Scholar 6.90
Primary CollectionsColl12-GreekMaster1016Greek Master Collection (Accordance 12) (October 2016)3499
Primary CollectionsColl12-GreekMaster0117Greek Master Collection (Accordance 12) (January 2017)3549
Primary CollectionsUA-S7.0Unlock All Scholar 7.00
Primary CollectionsColl12-GreekMaster0417Greek Master Collection (Accordance 12) (April 2017)3599
Primary CollectionsUA-S7.1Unlock All Scholar 7.10
Primary CollectionsColl12-GreekMaster1017Greek Master Collection (Accordance 12) (October 2017)3649
Primary CollectionsColl12-GreekMaster0518Greek Master Collection (Accordance 12) (May 2018)3699
Primary CollectionsColl12-GreekMaster1118Greek Master Collection (Accordance 12) (November 2018)3899
Primary CollectionsColl13-GreekMaster1119Greek Master Collection (November 2019)4399
Primary CollectionsColl12-GreekMaster0319Greek Master Collection (Accordance 12) (February 2019)3925
Primary CollectionsUASCH7.4Unlock All Scholar’s 7.4 CD-ROM2499
Primary CollectionsUA-S8.1Scholar’s 8.1 Unlock All3000
Primary CollectionsUASc8.4Scholar’s 8.4 Unlock All3200
Primary CollectionsUASc9.0Unlock All Scholar’s Collection 9.0, for download3400
Primary CollectionsUA-S8Scholar’s 8 Unlock All2800
Primary CollectionsUASc9.1Unlock All Scholar’s Collection 9.13600
Primary CollectionsUASc9.5Unlock All Scholar’s Collection 9.53800
Primary CollectionsCathCatholic Collection CD-ROM159
Greek add-on bundlesGBS Apparatus add-on_17GBS Apparatus add-on to HMT-W4, GNT28-T, LXX1 (with NA28, UBS5-T)329
Greek add-on bundlesGBS Apparatus add-on_13GBS Apparatus add-on to HMT-W4, GNT28-T, LXX1 (with NA28)289
Greek add-on bundlesGBS Apparatus add-on_15GBS Apparatus add-on to HMT-W4, GNT28-T, LXX1 (with NA28, UBS5-T)289
International TextsLatin add-onLatin add-on199
Ancient BiblesVULG-TLatin Vulgate (Weber, tagged)99.9
Ancient BiblesVULG-T with ApparatusLatin Vulgate Tagged Text with Apparatus139
Ancient BiblesVULG-T with Apparatus-upVULGUPGRADE to Latin Vulgate Tagged Text with Apparatus from VULG99.9
Ancient BiblesVULG-TupVULGUPGRADE to Latin Vulgate (Weber, tagged) from VULG50
Ancient BiblesVULG-T with Apparatus-upVULG-TADD-ON: Vulgate Apparatus to VULG-T49.9
Add-on BundlesCatholic Docs GroupCatholic Documents Group49.9


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