Latin add-on

Prod ID: Latin add-on
Retail: $319.60 / Accordance: $199.00

This bundle contains a number of Latin resources including tagged and untagged texts, Vulgate apparatus, and several Latin dictionaries.

Included Modules

The following modules and groups are included when you purchase this package.

Category Code Title Price
DictionariesLatin DictionaryLatin DictionaryN/A
DictionariesLewis & ShortA Latin Dictionary (Lewis and Short)99.90
Ancient BiblesV-LATINAVetus Latina (OT)69.90
Ancient BiblesVULG-NLatin Nova VulgataN/A
Ancient BiblesVULG-TLatin Vulgate (Weber, tagged)99.90
Ancient BiblesVULG2-TVULG2-TN/A
Ancient BiblesVULGATELatin Vulgate (Clementine)N/A
Ancient Language ToolsVULG ApparatusLatin Vulgate Apparatus for the VULG-T49.90
Accessory ModulesVULG2 ApparatusLatin Vulgate2 ApparatusN/A


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