New Revised Standard Version Updated Edition (NRSVue)

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The goal of the NRSVue is to offer a readable and accurate version of the Holy Bible to the global English-speaking community for public worship and personal study, for scholarship and study in classrooms, and for informing faith and action in response to God.

The NRSVue extends the New Revised Standard Version’s (NRSV) purpose to deliver an accurate, readable, up-to-date, and inclusive version of the Bible. It also continues the work of offering a version as free as possible from the gender bias inherent in the English language, which can obscure earlier oral and written renditions. The NRSVue, like the NRSV, follows “in the tradition of the King James Bible, [introducing] such changes as are warranted on the basis of accuracy, clarity, euphony, and current English usage,… as literal as possible, as free as necessary” (NRSV’s preface “To the Reader”). As also stated in the NRSV preface, the Bible’s message “must not be disguised in phrases that are no longer clear or hidden under words that have changed or lost their meaning; it must be presented in language that is direct and plain and meaningful to people today.”

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  1. Darryl Rowe

    It ignores completely both BDAG and L&N lexicons. I checked Leviticus and the word roots were used there in the Septuagint so IMO they are redefining Scripture to suit the liberal agenda.I like the ’89 NRSV and now have two paper copies of it just in case. I also ran a text comparison on my favorite ‘proof texts’ and was happy…but NOT happy enough to use such a seriously FLAWED translation.

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