Old Testament Theology Bundle (Goldingay) (3 Volumes)

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This is an Old Testament theology like no other. Whether applying magnifying or wide-angle lenses, Goldingay is closely attentive to the First Testament’s narrative, plot, motifs, tensions, and subtleties. Brimming with insight and energy, and postmodern in its ethos, this bundle will repeatedly reward readers with fresh and challenging perspectives on God and God’s ways with Israel and the world—as well as Israel’s ways with God.

Goldingay sees three spheres of life giving order to Israel’s vision: its life in relation to God, its life in community and the life of the individual as a self. Within these frameworks he unfurls a tapestry that is as broad and colorful as all of life, and yet detailed in its intricate attention to the text.

This bundle represents the 3-volume Old Testament theology by John Goldingay:

  • Old Testament Theology, Volume 1: Israel’s Gospel – The first volume focuses on the story of God’s dealings with Israel, or Israel’s gospel. In the first volume, John Goldingay focuses on narrative. Examining the biblical order of God’s creation of and interactions with the world and Israel, he tells the story of Israel’s gospel as a series of divine acts (God Began, God Started, God Promised, God Delivered, etc.)
  • Old Testament Theology, Volume 2: Israel’s Faith – The second volume investigates the beliefs of Israel, or Israel’s faith. This volume finds its point of departure in the Prophets, Psalms and Wisdom literature, where we encounter a more discursive thinking that is closer to traditional theology. Whereas the first volume followed the epochal divine acts of Israel’s “gospel” narrative, here Goldingay sets out the faith of Israel under the major rubrics of God, Israel, the Nightmare, the Vision, etc.
  • Old Testament Theology, Volume 3: Israel’s Life – In this third volume, the spotlight falls on the Old Testament’s perspective on the life that Israel should live in its present and future, including its worship, prayer and spirituality, as well as its practices, attitudes, and ethics before God.

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TheologyGoldingay-OT Theology 1Old Testament Theology, Volume 1: Israel’s Gospel (Goldingay)38.90
TheologyGoldingay-OT Theology 2Old Testament Theology, Volume 2: Israel’s Faith (Goldingay)38.90
TheologyGoldingay-OT Theology 3Old Testament Theology, Volume 3: Israel’s Life (Goldingay)38.90


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