Old Testament Theology, Volume 2: Israel’s Faith (Goldingay)

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Old Testament Theology: Israel’s Faith is the second of John Goldingay’s magisterial three-volume Old Testament Theology. The award-winning first volume, Old Testament Theology: Israel’s Gospel, followed the story line of the First Testament, developing its narrative theology. This volume finds its point of departure in the Prophets, Psalms and Wisdom literature, where we encounter a more discursive thinking that is closer to traditional theology.

Whereas the first volume followed the epochal divine acts of Israel’s “gospel” narrative, here Goldingay sets out the faith of Israel under the major rubrics of

  • God
  • Israel
  • The Nightmare
  • The Vision
  • The World
  • The Nations
  • Humanity

In a style that cleaves closely to the text, Goldingay offers up a masterful exposition of the faith of the First Testament, one born of living long with the text and the refined skill of asking interesting questions and listening with trained attention. Never one to sacrifice a close hearing of a text for an easy generality, or to mute a discordant note for the sake of reassuring harmony, Goldingay gives us an Old Testament theology shot through with the edge-of-the-seat vitality of discovery.

This volume’s fresh presentations of theological motifs, as well as its engagement with contemporary contexts, will greatly enrich the treasury of insights this series makes available to preachers and communicators of the Old Testament.

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Old Testament Theology, Volume 2: Israel’s Faith
• Author: John Goldingay
• Publisher: InterVarsity Press (2006)

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