OT Library Commentary: Genesis (Revised Ed.) (Gerhard von Rad) / January 01, 1973

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Gerhard von Rad’s Genesis: Old Testament Library [OTL] is a modern classic and in this revised edition he employs literary and form criticism in order to draw out the historical background of the text and also its theological meaning. Every chapter and verse is treated in detail and with attention given to documentation and the function of Hebrew words.

About the Old Testament Library Series:
The Old Testament Library is one of the most respected commentary series produced in the last 50 years. As with any series that reaches this level of respectability, it is comprehensive in scope while acknowledging that it is not exhaustive. Introductory matters cover historical concerns, cultural issues, the reception of the text, the integrity of the text, and other interpretive issues.

Each commentary provides a verse-by-verse analysis of critical exegetical matters that are then synthesized into a progressively building understanding of the text and interpretation. This includes analysis of problems in history, word meaning, syntactical and grammatical issues, text history, and many other exegetically relevant issues. Nevertheless, despite the breadth of their scope, volumes in the series remain relatively compact in comparison to series who share its aims and scope.

Key Elements

  • Audience: Students, Pastors, and Scholars
  • Perspective: Moderate/Liberal (See Author)
  • Scripture: Inspired
  • General Acceptance of Higher Critical authorship theories, and the reader should be familiar with these type of textual criticism
  • Knowledge of Hebrew is not necessary, but a willingness to engage concepts from it will be necessary.

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