English Bible add-on (January 2019)

Prod ID: English Bible add-on_0119
Retail: $482.40 / Accordance: $269.00

This package includes a collection of English Bibles that can be added to any Collection. Several translations include the addition of Strong’s numbers. It also includes the latest NIV (2011) with G/K Numbers and Phrase Tagging.

Included Modules

The following modules and groups are included when you purchase this package.

Category Code Title Price
English BiblesAMPAmplified Bible14.90
English BiblesCEBCommon English Bible with Apocrypha and Notes14.90
English BiblesCEB2CEB2N/A
English BiblesCEVContemporary English Version14.90
English BiblesCJBComplete Jewish Bible with Notes14.90
English BiblesCSB17SChristian Standard Bible (2017) with Strong’s Numbers19.90
English BiblesERVHoly Bible:  Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)14.90
English BiblesGWORDGod’s Word Translation with Notes14.90
English BiblesJPSSJPS Tanakh (Jewish Publication Society) with Strong’s Numbers19.90
English BiblesMESSAGEMessage, The14.90
English BiblesMOUNCE-NTMounce Interlinear New Testament with G/K Numbers and Phrase Tagging29.90
English BiblesNABRENew American Bible, Revised Edition14.90
English BiblesNAS95SNew American Standard 1995 with Strong’sN/A
English BiblesNASBNew American Standard Bible (1977)N/A
English BiblesNETNew English Translation Bible (2nd Edition) with Strong’s Numbers19.90
English BiblesNIRVNew International Reader’s Version19.90
English BiblesNIV11-GKENIV New International Version 2011 with G/K Numbers and Phrase Tagging49.99
English BiblesNJBNew Jerusalem Bible14.90
English BiblesNKJVSNew King James Version with Strong’s Numbers19.90
English BiblesNLT-SENew Living Translation Second Edition14.90
English BiblesNRSVSNew Revised Standard Version with Strong’s Numbers19.90
English BiblesREBRevised English Bible14.90
English BiblesRSVRevised Standard Version with Apocrypha14.90
English BiblesRVEnglish Revised Version9.90
English BiblesSBSchocken Bible: The Five Books of Moses14.90
English BiblesTEVToday’s English Version14.90
English BiblesTLBLiving Bible, The (Paraphrased)14.90
English BiblesTLVTree of Life Version Bible14.90
Notes & Cross-referencesAMP NotesAMP NotesN/A
Notes & Cross-referencesCEB NotesCEB NotesN/A
Notes & Cross-referencesCEB2 NotesCEB2 NotesN/A
Notes & Cross-referencesNAS NotesNASB (1977) Cross References and Translators’ NotesN/A
Notes & Cross-referencesNAS95S NotesNAS95S Cross References and Translators’ NotesN/A
Notes & Cross-referencesNET NotesNew English Translation NotesN/A
DictionariesNAS Topical IndexNAS Topical IndexN/A
Greek LexiconsMounce Greek DictionaryMounce Concise Greek-English Dictionary of the New TestamentN/A
Greek LexiconsNAS GreekNAS Greek DictionaryN/A
Hebrew LexiconsNAS HebrewNAS Hebrew DictionaryN/A
International BiblesLBLASpanish La Biblia de las AméricasN/A
International BiblesNBLHSpanish: Nueva Biblia Latinoamericana de HoyN/A
Accessory ModulesCEV NotesCEV NotesN/A
Accessory ModulesCJB GlossaryCJB GlossaryN/A
Accessory ModulesCJB NotesCJB NotesN/A
Accessory ModulesCSB17 NotesCSB17 NotesN/A
Accessory ModulesERV NotesERV NotesN/A
Accessory ModulesGWORD DictionaryGod's Word Translation – DictionaryN/A
Accessory ModulesGWORD NotesGWORD NotesN/A
Accessory ModulesJPS NotesJPS NotesN/A
Accessory ModulesMessage NotesMessage NotesN/A
Accessory ModulesNABRE NotesNABRE NotesN/A
Accessory ModulesNABRE OutlinesNABRE OutlinesN/A
Accessory ModulesLBLA NotesSpanish La Biblia de las Américas (Notas)N/A
Accessory ModulesNBLH NotesSpanish: Nueva Biblia de las Américas (Notas)N/A
Accessory ModulesNIV11 NotesNIV11 NotesN/A
Accessory ModulesNKJV NotesNKJV NotesN/A
Accessory ModulesNLT-SE NotesNLT-SE NotesN/A
Accessory ModulesNRSV NotesNRSV NotesN/A
Accessory ModulesNRSV2NRSV2N/A
Accessory ModulesNRSV2 NotesNRSV2 NotesN/A
Accessory ModulesREBAREBAN/A
Accessory ModulesRSVARSVAN/A
Accessory ModulesSB NotesSB NotesN/A
Accessory ModulesTLB NotesTLB NotesN/A
Accessory ModulesTLB Reading PlanTLB Reading PlanN/A
Accessory ModulesTLV NotesTree of Life Version Bible NotesN/A


  1. (verified owner) Benjamin Noonan

    This is a great package to purchase if you want to own the standard English Bible translations. Using Accordance and this package you can easily compare how the different English translations render specific Scripture passages, which can be useful for identifying exegetical issues in those passages. Any accompanying translator notes are part of this package too. A few revisions of Bible translations have come out since 2019 (e.g., NRSVue), but Accordance has these available for individual purchase.

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