The Torah: A Modern Commentary: Revised Edition / January 01, 2005

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Nearly twenty-five years after the groundbreaking publication of the first-ever English language liberal Torah commentary, we present The Torah: A Modern Commentary, Revised Edition.

This volume features updated commentary and translations, including a gender-sensitive version of the JPS translation (Exodus through Deuteronomy), with largely gender-neutral God language and a completely fresh translation of Genesis by the late Rabbi Chaim Stern. In addition, the volume is reorganized by parashah and includes a helpful index and aliyot markers, improving upon the 1981 original.

As Rabbi David Ellenson, President of the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, states, “This book provide a dazzling compendium of sources both classical and modern, and a variety of voices that will enhance worship and study of everyone.”

This Revised Edition brings contemporary values and a fresh vibrancy to the 1981 Plaut edition, North America’s longtime most popular Torah commentary.

Purchase of this module includes a separate module (TMC-E) which contains the English translation of the Torah.

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  1. (verified owner) Ukfraser

    This is very good for supplementing study bibles and single volume commentaries such as the oxford commentary but i do find i usually come away from reading it wanting a bit more Information and always turn to my jps torah set.
    Because of that, the jps set is where i go to first and then use this and other references afterwards to see if there are any other nuggets. If you can afford jps torah (or all 12 volumes) get them.
    If you need something and your budget wont stretch, get this as an interim as it has good distilled information and is certainly a good starting point.

  2. (verified owner) Ukfraser

    Where this volume comes into its own is the supplementary information. Each book has its obligatory introduction but it then puts it into context with a section on ancient near eastern literature. While the commentary notes are ok, each section includes essays and gleanings. The gleaning include bite size parts of the mishnah or other commentators. However unlike carasik’s volumes where we get a short passage with all the commentators comments relating to it, in this volume the links to essays and gleanings are at the beginning of the commentary section and not linked through the notes so when im reading on an ipad, i find i am using the drop down menu to navigate from the commentary to the essays and to the gleanings and back to the context in ancient literature.
    The essays are more structured than the gleanings and are fairly short and readable.
    As i commented in my original review, this is a useful resource, i do find nuggets but generally i come away wanting more. Especially as i tend to read it on the ipad and i find i have to click through the sections using the menu to see all the information. I am certainly pleased i have this resource but its not my go to.

  3. TYA

    I give it five stars because (admittedly my bias) I’m just glad to have more Jewish resources available in Accordance. The module includes both a translation of the Torah, and some of the Prophetic books, along with some commentary, etc. Nice to have in Accordance.

  4. (verified owner) Sandra Dunson

    I completely appreciate the added insight this commentary provides with its focused historical elements that many commentaries may lack. It allows me to cross reference many texts that I may have forgotten to revisit.

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