Theologia Germanica

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Although the author of this work is unknown, this mystical treatise was discovered and published by Martin Luther in 1516.  Luther said that he owed more to the Theologia Germanica than to any book other than the Bible and the writings of Saint Augustine.

Theologia Germanica focuses on the “divine life,” which is directed or guided by the “true light” of God, and offers an abundance of insightful spiritual advice, written in simply language and relevant to all Christian denominations.

Theologia Germanica
• Author: Anonymous
• Translator: Susanna Winkworth
• Preface: Charles Kingsley
• Text of 1893 version

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Primary CollectionsLIB3-STULibrary 3 Student EditionN/A
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English StudiesCL2-8Classic II Group39.90


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