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Book cover: Carta's Illustrated Bible Atlas with Historical Notes

Carta's Illustrated Bible Atlas with Historical Notes

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Designed to aid and complement the study of the Bible, The Illustrated Bible Atlas begins with the history and culture of the ancient Near East in the second milennium B.C. and traces the successive historical/biblical events through the intertestamental period and the era of the New Testament. Helpful elements of this atlas include historical notes by F. F. Bruce, maps of modern Israel and the city of Jerusalem, detailed color maps illustrating historical events and trends, scale drawings of major sites and cities and photographs of archaeological artifacts.

This concise and colorful Illustrated Bible Atlas is packed with information on the lands and cities where the events of the Bible took place. To understand them it is necessary to have some knowledge of the historical and geographical setting. This handy Atlas provides just that.

The Illustrated Bible Atlas: With Historical Notes
• Author: F. F. Bruce
Publisher: Carta, The Israel Map and Publishing Company, Ltd (1994)

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July 31, 2013  |  1:56 AM   |    Not Recommended (1)
Browsing The Illustrated Bible Atlas: With Historical Notes, I was arrested by the caption for illustration 34  Kneeling Syrians and Negroes on throne platform of Amenhotep III, tomb painting at Thebes. I was compelled to double check the date of this publication.

The illustrations are pretty. The text is not at all critical.