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Book cover: Carta's Jerusalem in the Time of Nehemiah

Carta's Jerusalem in the Time of Nehemiah

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Nehemiah was the great reformer who rallied the people to repair the walls of Jerusalem that were broken down in the Babylonian destruction of 586 B.C. In this book, we are first immersed in the historical background to the time of Nehemiah. It was in the time of Nehemiah, governor of the province of Judah or Yehud, that the grand reconstruction of the city took place. Then, in an imaginative reconstruction, one of the builders of the walls (a Tekoite) leads us around the city and shows us the great work accomplished in those stirring times - illuminating all the sites, gates and walls of the city.

The primary focus of the book, however, is a detailed archaeological tour of Nehemiah’s Jerusalem. Profusely illustrated with photographs of a recently constructed model, the book also contains rare photographs of archaeological remains extant from the period.

Jerusalem in the Time of Nehemiah
• Authors: Leen Ritmeyer, Kathleen Ritmeyer
Publisher: Carta, The Israel Map and Publishing Company, Ltd (2005)

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