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Book cover: Bible’s Many Voices, The (Carasik)

Bible’s Many Voices, The (Carasik)

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The most common English translations of the Bible often sound like a single, somewhat archaic voice. In fact, the Bible is made up of many separate books composed by multiple writers in a wide range of styles and perspectives. It is, as Michael Carasik demonstrates, not a remote text reserved for churches and synagogues but rather a human document full of history, poetry, politics, theology, and spirituality.

Using historic, linguistic, anthropological, and theological sources, Carasik helps us distinguish between the Jewish Bible’s voices—the mythic, the historical, the prophetic, the theological, and the legal. By articulating the differences among these voices, he shows us not just their messages and meanings but also what mattered to the authors. In these contrasts we encounter the Bible anew as a living work whose many voices tell us about the world out of which the Bible grew—and the world that it created.

“An engaging presentation of the most current scholarship about the Jewish Bible. Carasik’s description of the numerous voices, which speak in its pages, illumines their teachings, illustrates their origin, and clarifies their relationships with each other and the world from which they emerged.”—Frederick E. Greenspahn, Gimelstob Eminent Scholar of Judaic Studies, Florida Atlantic University

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