BibleWorks Crossover: Accordance 13 Advanced Add-on to Basic Package (For BibleWorks Users)

Prod ID: BW Crossover13-Adv 10 Add-on
Retail: $2,164.20 / Accordance: $499.00

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This add-on to the BW Crossover Basic Package brings the user to the level of original language studies enjoyed by BibleWorks users.

This bundle adds tagged Greek NT MSS, Leningrad Codex Images, Rahlfs’ LXX, Peshitta, Samaritan Pentateuch, Targums, UBS5 with Apparatus, and Vulgate. It also adds non-biblical texts and translations of Apostolic Fathers (Baker edition), BenSira, Gospel of Thomas, Josephus, Philo, and Pseudepigrapha. Also included are the audio versions of the Hebrew Bible and Greek NT, as well as the NIV 2011, NKJV with Strong’s, NLT-SE, New English Translation of the Septuagint, and the Septuagint lexicon.

You can add this package to your order for the Basic Package at the same time or at a later date. Your purchase will be reviewed by our customer service staff before your payment is processed. No further discounts are allowed on this special offer.

Included Modules

The following modules and groups are included when you purchase this package.

Category Code Title Price
Photo CollectionsLeningrad Codex ImagesLeningrad Codex Images79.9
English TextsBENSIRA-ESirach (English translation)0
English TextsBENSIRA-MSirach (Manuscript order)0
English BiblesNETSNew English Translation of the Septuagint (Text Edition 2014)29.9
English BiblesNIV11NIV New International Version 2011 with footnotes19.9
English BiblesNKJVSNew King James Version with Strong’s Numbers19.9
English BiblesNLT-SENew Living Translation Second Edition14.9
English BiblesTARG-ETargum English Translation129
English Non-Biblical TextAF-EApostolic Fathers (English translation)0
English Non-Biblical TextJOSEPHJosephus English and Notes39.9
English Non-Biblical TextPHILO-EPhilo English with Notes49.9
English Non-Biblical TextPSEUD-EPseudepigrapha (New English)49.9
CommentariesGNT AudioGreek New Testament Audio (John Schwandt)69.9
CommentariesHebrew Audio-NT ChaptersHebrew New Testament Audio (Chapters)0
CommentariesHebrew Audio-NT VersesHebrew New Testament Audio (Verses)0
CommentariesHebrew Audio-OT ChaptersHebrew Old Testament Audio (Chapters)0
CommentariesHebrew Audio-OT VersesHebrew Old Testament Audio (Verses)0
DictionariesLatin DictionaryLatin Dictionary0
Greek BiblesGNT-ALEXCodex Alexandrinus59.9
Greek BiblesGNT-BEZCodex Bezae39.9
Greek BiblesGNT-SICodex Sinaiticus59.9
Greek BiblesGNT-VATCodex Vaticanus59.9
Greek BiblesGNT-WASCodex Washingtonianus39.9
Greek BiblesLXX1Greek Septuagint (Rahlfs) revised and tagged89.9
Greek BiblesGNT-EPTOrthodox Greek New Testament (Antoniades)0
Greek BiblesGNT-F35Byzantine Greek New Testament (Kr-35)0
Greek BiblesUBS5-TUBS5 Greek New Testament with Apparatus, Cross-references, and tagging89.9
Greek Non-Biblical TextsAF-TApostolic Fathers-Holmes 3rd Edition (Greek, Latin, and English)99.9
Greek Non-Biblical TextsGTHOM-CGospel of Thomas in Coptic with Translations & Notes49.9
Greek Non-Biblical TextsJOSEPH-TJosephus Tagged Greek79.9
Greek Non-Biblical TextsPHILO-TPhilo Tagged Greek99.9
Greek Non-Biblical TextsPSEUD-TGreek Pseudepigrapha99.9
Greek LexiconsLEH-3LEH Septuagint Lexicon (3rd Edition)99.9
Greek GrammarsLXX GrammarGrammar of Septuagint Greek0
Hebrew BiblesSIRAPESHSirach (Syriac Peshitta)0
Hebrew BiblesMHNTHebrew New Testament29.9
Hebrew BiblesPESHNT-TNew Testament Peshitta99.9
Hebrew BiblesPESHOT-TOld Testament Peshitta149
Hebrew BiblesSAMAR-TSamaritan Pentateuch (Hebrew, tagged)49.9
Hebrew BiblesTARG-TTargums Tagged Aramaic99.9
Ancient BiblesVULG-TLatin Vulgate (Weber, tagged)99.9
Ancient BiblesVULG2-TVULG2-T0
Accessory ModulesAF-E NotesAF-E Notes0
Accessory ModulesAF-LAF-L0
Accessory ModulesAF-T NotesAF-T Notes0
Accessory ModulesGTHOM NotesGospel of Thomas Notes0
Accessory ModulesGTHOM-DGospel of Thomas Deutsch0
Accessory ModulesGTHOM-EGospel of Thomas English0
Accessory ModulesGTHOM-GGospel of Thomas Greek0
Accessory ModulesGTHOM-GRGospel of Thomas Greek Retroversion0
Accessory ModulesJOSEPH NotesJOSEPH Notes0
Accessory ModulesJOSINTR-TJOSINTR-T0
Accessory ModulesLXX2LXX20
Accessory ModulesDHNTDelitzsch Hebrew New Testament0
Accessory ModulesNETS NotesNETS Notes0
Accessory ModulesNETS2NETS20
Accessory ModulesNETS2 NotesNETS2 Notes0
Accessory ModulesNIV11 NotesNIV11 Notes0
Accessory ModulesNKJV NotesNKJV Notes0
Accessory ModulesNLT-SE NotesNLT-SE Notes0
Accessory ModulesGNT-F35 IntroGNT-F35 Intro0
Accessory ModulesHPESHNT-THPESHNT-T0
Accessory ModulesHSYRIAC-CHSYRIAC-C0
Accessory ModulesHSYRIAC-SHSYRIAC-S0
Accessory ModulesPESHNT-EPESHNT-E0
Accessory ModulesSYRIAC-CSYRIAC-C0
Accessory ModulesSYRIAC-SSYRIAC-S0
Accessory ModulesPESHOT1-TPESHOT1-T0
Accessory ModulesPESHOT2-TPESHOT2-T0
Accessory ModulesPHILO-E NotesPHILO-E Notes0
Accessory ModulesTARG-E NotesTARG-E Notes0
Accessory ModulesTARG2-ETARG2-E0
Accessory ModulesTARG2-E NotesTARG2-E Notes0
Accessory ModulesTARG3-ETARG3-E0
Accessory ModulesTARG3-E NotesTARG3-E Notes0
Accessory ModulesTARGF-ETARGF-E0
Accessory ModulesTARGF-E NotesTARGF-E Notes0
Accessory ModulesTARGG-ETARGG-E0
Accessory ModulesTARGG-E NotesTARGG-E Notes0
Accessory ModulesTARG2-TTargums Tagged Aramaic (second text)0
Accessory ModulesTARG2M-TTARG2M-T0
Accessory ModulesTARG3-TTargums Tagged Aramaic (third text)0
Accessory ModulesTARGF-TTARGF-T0
Accessory ModulesTARGG-TTARGG-T0
Accessory ModulesUBS5 ApparatusUBS5 Apparatus0
Accessory ModulesUBS5 CrossrefsUBS5 Crossrefs0


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