Accordance Picture the New Testament: A PhotoCommentary / January 01, 2018

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Picture the New Testament: A PhotoCommentary is designed to help you see the world of the New Testament with your own eyes. While a traditional commentary seeks to explain the meaning of the Bible’s words with still more words, Picture the NT illustrates the biblical text with maps and photographs of biblical locations, relevant archeological finds, even ancient works of art. Display it in parallel with your Bible text, and as you work your way through a passage, you’ll see key words and concepts illustrated in a way that will make the Bible come alive.

The PhotoCommentary spans the entire New Testament and includes more than a thousand images. Organized canonically, this resource scrolls with our Bibles, offering photos, maps, and other visual illustrations to illuminate every passage.

Articles include photos that illustrate the people, places, or objects mentioned in the passage; basic information about the topic; and hyperlinks to Accordance’s other visual resources (for more information and more photos!). This resource is perfect for the Bible study leader, pastor, or person for whom seeing something is every bit as important as reading about it.

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