Churches and Monasteries in Israel

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Hundreds of churches are spread across the width and length of Israel. Most of them are built on a historic tradition linking their location to the life of Jesus and those who continued his path. Some are easily identified from a distance thanks to their handsome bell towers and spectacular domes. Others are hidden on side streets or are far outside communities.

Churches in Israel are treasures. It is difficult to remain indifferent to the beauty, diversity, and importance of the churches in Israel. The Holy Land has always held great attraction for all of the denominations, streams, and orders of the Christian world.

Churches and Monasteries in Israel invites the reader on a journey to the remarkable stones that compose the mosaic that is the Christian experience in Israel. Breathtaking artistic treasures can be found within the walls of the churches in Israel. Researcher and cultural journalist, David Rapp, describes the history, art, and architecture of dozens of churches while hundreds of stunning photographs by Hanan Isachar present the aesthetic and spiritual aspects of the building and the people assembled there. Excerpts from Christianity’s holy scriptures – the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, and Apocrypha – help place the different sites in their historic and cultural context.

A special chapter is dedicated to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which arouses powerful and varied emotions among both Christian and non-Christian visitors alike.

Churches and Monasteries in Israel
• Authors: Hanan Isachar, David Rapp
• Photos: Hanan  Isachar
• Text: David Rapp
• Translator: Heidi Gleit

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