Bundle of 4 Theology Works by Roger Olson

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Roger Olson is known for his even-handed treatment of theological issues, earning the respect of even those whose convictions differ from his. Regardless of whether you claim the title of Arminian or Calvinist—or perhaps neither or something else—you will want to read Olson’s take on some of the most important theological issues in history.

This bundle contains the following four titles:

  • Arminian Theology: Myths & Realities
  • The Journey of Modern Theology: From Reconstruction to Deconstruction
  • The Mosaic of Christian Belief: Twenty Centuries of Unity and Diversity
  • The Story of Christian Theology: Twenty Centuries of Tradition and Reform

Included Modules

The following modules and groups are included when you purchase this package.

Category Code Title Price
TheologyOlson-Arminian TheologyArminian Theology: Myths & Realities (Olson)23.90
TheologyOlson-Christian TheologyStory of Christian Theology, The (Olson)35.90
TheologyOlson-Modern TheologyJourney of Modern Theology, The (Olson)31.90
TheologyOlson-MosaicMosaic of Christian Belief (Olson)26.90


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