Catholic Studies Add-on Bundle (Feb. 2020)

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This bundle offers a comprehensive package for the study of the Bible and of Catholic teachings.  It contains a substantial collection of Bibles, Catholic documents, and study tools.

Included Modules

The following modules and groups are included when you purchase this package.

Category Code Title Price
English BiblesNABRENew American Bible, Revised Edition14.90
English BiblesNJBNew Jerusalem Bible14.90
English BiblesNRSVSNew Revised Standard Version with Strong’s Numbers19.90
Study Bible NotesCatholic SB-3Catholic Study Bible Notes (3rd Edition)19.90
DictionariesLatin DictionaryLatin DictionaryN/A
DevotionalsImitationImitation of Christ, The (Thomas à Kempis)N/A
DevotionalsPresencePractice of the Presence of God by Brother LawrenceN/A
TheologyC. Catechism-ECatholic Catechism EnglishN/A
TheologyC. Catechism-LCatholic Catechism LatinN/A
TheologyCanon Law-ECatholic Code of Canon Law in EnglishN/A
TheologyCanon Law-LCatholic Code of Canon Law in LatinN/A
TheologyCouncil of TrentCouncil of TrentN/A
TheologyOrder of MassOrder of the MassN/A
TheologyVatican IVatican I EnglishN/A
TheologyVatican II-EVatican II EnglishN/A
TheologyVatican II-LVatican II LatinN/A
International BiblesNAVARRASpanish Navarra Bible with Notes19.90
Ancient BiblesVULG-NLatin Nova VulgataN/A
Ancient BiblesVULGATELatin Vulgate (Clementine)N/A
Accessory ModulesCatholic LectionaryCatholic Study Bible (3rd Edition) LectionaryN/A
Accessory ModulesCatholic SB-3 RGCatholic Study Bible (3rd Edition) Reading GuideN/A
Accessory ModulesNABRE NotesNABRE NotesN/A
Accessory ModulesNAVARRA NotesSpanish Navarra Bible Study NotesN/A
Accessory ModulesNRSV NotesNRSV NotesN/A
Accessory ModulesNRSV2NRSV2N/A
Accessory ModulesNRSV2 NotesNRSV2 NotesN/A


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