Introduction to Biblical Greek—Video Lectures (Harris): Elementary Syntax and Linguistics / September 29, 2020

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Requires Accordance 11.2 or above.

An Introduction to Biblical Greek Video Lectures focuses on the linguistic and syntactic elements of Koine Greek with the goal of accurate interpretation. Drawing upon her thirty-year Greek-teaching experience and the latest developments in linguistics and syntax, Harris introduces students to basic linguistic concepts and categories necessary for grasping Greek in ways that are clear and intuitive. This solid linguistic foundation enables students first to internalize key concepts, then to apply and build upon them as more complex ideas are introduced.

Coordinated for use with the An Introduction to Biblical Greek Grammar textbook, An Introduction to Biblical Greek Video Lectures demonstrates how students should mark Greek texts so they can begin to “see” the syntax, using texts from both the Greek New Testament and Septuagint as examples.

Session Titles and Runtimes

1A – Image-Bearers, Language, Linguistics, and Greek: From Theological Reflections to Learning the Alphabet (37 min)

1B – Basic Linguistic Concepts (27 min)

2 – The Greek Verb from Cruising Altitude: Fasten Your Seatbelts, Please! (25 min)

3 – How to Build a Verb: The Present Active and Middle Indicative (20 min)

4 – The Greek Noun: A Case of Form and Function (30 min)

5 – The Article and Adjective; the Verb ε?μ? (28 min)

6 – Prepositions, Personal Pronouns, and Basic Conjunctions (28 min)

7 – The Imperfect Active and Middle Indicative; More on Prepositions (16 min)

8 – Etceteras: More on Cases and Voice (20 min)

9 – Relatives, Demonstratives, and More Prepositions (24 min)

10 – Roots, Stems, and Principal Parts; the Aorist Active and Middle Indicative (36 min)

11 – Passives and Conditionals (22 min)

12 – Third Declension Paradigms: The Rest of Nouns and Adjectives; More Pronouns (Interrogative and Indefinite) (27 min)

13 – The Present Participle and Participle Basics (26 min)

14 – Etceteras: More on Adjectives, Verbs, and Adverbs (31 min)

15 – The Aorist Participle and Additional Participle Functions (26 min)

16 – The Perfect and Pluperfect Indicative (20 min)

17 – The Perfect Participle and More Participle Functions (16 min)

18 – Contract Verbs (19 min)

19 – The Future Indicative and Participle (22 min)

20 – Etceteras: Fine-Tuning ε?μ? and γ?νομαι; More on Conjunctions (34 min)

21 – The Subjunctive: Form and Functions (31 min)

22 – The Imperative: Forms and Functions; More Pronouns (24 min)

23 – The Infinitive: Forms and Functions (24 min)

24 – μι Verbs: Finite Forms (23 min)

25 – μι Verbs: Nonfinite Forms (16 min)

26 – The Optative: Forms and Functions (18 min)

27 – Outlining New Testament Passages: Structural and Narrative Outlines (30 min)

28 – Etceteras: Expressing Purpose and Conditionality; More on Conjunctions and Clauses (28 min)

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