Perspectives: On Election (5 Views) / January 01, 2006

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How does God ordain who will spend eternity with him?

Did God decide that certain specific persons would go to heaven or hell, before he created the world? Did God know everything that will ever happen before he created anything? If so, did God know this because he determined these things would happen, or vice versa? Will everyone eventually go to heaven? Answers to these and many other thoughtful questions reveal various perspectives on the doctrine of election.

Perspectives on Election presents in counterpoint form five basic common beliefs on the doctrine of spiritual election (for example, predestination) that have developed over the course of church history with a view toward determining which is most faithful to Scripture. Each chapter is written by a prominent person within each tradition, and each writer has the opportunity to respond to each differing view.

Despite the focus upon a topic that divides many people, editor Chad Brand says, “The goal of this book is to add clarity to the discussion and to further the discussion, insofar as it is possible, in an amiable manner.”

  • Bruce A. Ware: Divine Election to Salvation
  • Jack W. Cottrell: The Classical Arminian View of Election
  • Robert L. Reymond: A Consistent Supralapsarian Perspective on Election
  • Thomas B. Talbott: Universal Reconciliation and the Inclusive Nature of Election
  • Clark H. Pinnock: Divine Election as Corporate, Open, and Vocational

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