Reformed Faith, The (Robert Shaw)

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The Westminster Confession is the most accurate and comprehensive creed so far produced by the church. Many of its statements are short explanations of a profound doctrine that needs to be unpacked.

The Reformed Faith, originally published in 1845, is an exposition of The Westminster Confession of Faith, and is a practical aid to help Christians understand and apply the material in the Confession to their lives. It is well written and organized bringing to bear many additional scriptures which further expound the given topics. The classic explanation of the confession provides a thorough theological grounding.

“Shaw’s work provides a miniature course in theology. More than that, it explains, expounds and applies the whole gospel in a way that will explain the message of Scripture, illumine understanding, stimulate worship and strengthen Christian living…Let Robert Shaw be your guide, reading him with careful and prayerful thought, discernment and appreciation….”—Sinclair Ferguson

The Reformed Faith
An Exposition of the Westminster Confession of Faith
• Author: Robert Shaw
• Text of the original 1845 version

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