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Book cover: Suicide of Christian Theology, The (John Warwick Montgomery)

Suicide of Christian Theology, The (John Warwick Montgomery)

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An incisive, witty, and true-to-the-mark reflection on the present state of Christian theology.

A forceful, scholarly call to return to the solid ground of the ancient creeds of Christianity. Dr. Montgomery’s incisive observations on Barth, Bultmann, Tillich, de Chardin, Pike, and others may rankle some readers on occasion. But there can never be any question about the mental acumen he brings to bear upon his subject or the skill with which he pens his views. Montgomery is so obviously at home in the area of the theological, and so conversant with the convictions of his fellow theologians that he certainly must be reckoned with. Not content with only analyzing the suicide of theology, the author also gives a proposal for its resurrection.

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