John Warwick Montgomery Collection Bundle (33 Volumes)

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John Warwick Montgomery is a noted lawyer, professor, Lutheran theologian, and prolific author.  His legal specialty is the international and comparative law of human rights and he regularly pleads religious freedom cases before the European Court of Human Rights. He is considered by many to be the foremost living apologist for biblical Christianity.

Montgomery, a philosophy major disinterested in religion, found himself forced to consider seriously the claims of Jesus Christ in the New Testament in order to preserve big intellectual integrity. After no mean struggle he acknowledged his rebellion against God and asked His forgiveness. Dr. Montgomery is the author of over one hundred scholarly journal articles and more than fifty books.

This bundle consists of the following bundles (each of which can also be purchased individually):

Included Modules

The following modules and groups are included when you purchase this package.

Category Code Title Price
Biblical StudiesJWM-EvidenceEvidence for Faith0
WritingsJWM-Biblical GospelDefending the Biblical Gospel (Study Guide)0
WritingsJWM-CenturiesDefending the Gospel through the Centuries (Study Guide)0
WritingsJWM-FoundedFaith Founded on Fact0
WritingsJWM-HolmesTranscendent Holmes, The0
WritingsJWM-How Know GodHow Do We Know There Is a God?0
WritingsJWM-InerrantGod’s Inerrant Word0
WritingsJWM-QuestQuest for Noah’s Ark, The0
WritingsJWM-Tough MindedChristianity for the Tough Minded0
WritingsJWM-AmericaShaping of America, The0
WritingsJWM-ChurchThe Church: Blessing or Curse0
WritingsJWM-ComputersComputers, Cultural Change, and the Christ0
WritingsJWM-GiantGiant in Chains0
WritingsJWM-Public SquareChristians in the Public Square0
WritingsJWM-Rights & DignityHuman Rights & Human Dignity0
WritingsJWM-Situation EthicsSituation Ethics: True or False0
WritingsJWM-SlaughterSlaughter of the Innocents0
WritingsJWM-Christ PresentWhere Christ Is Present0
WritingsJWM-History & LawHistory, Law, and Christianity0
WritingsJWM-History GoingWhere Is History Going?0
WritingsJWM-Law & GospelLaw and Gospel0
WritingsJWM-Law AboveLaw above the Law, The0
WritingsJWM-LutheranCross, Constellation, and Crucible0
WritingsJWM-MythMyth, Allegory, and Gospel0
WritingsJWM-PossessionDemon Possession0
WritingsJWM-PrincipalitiesPrincipalities and Powers0
WritingsJWM-CrisisCrisis in Lutheran Theology (3 Volumes)0
WritingsJWM-Defense of LutherIn Defense of Martin Luther0
WritingsJWM-Research PapersWriting of Research Papers in Theology, The (2nd Revised Edition)0
WritingsJWM-SuicideSuicide of Christian Theology, The0
WritingsJWM-TheologianTheologian’s Craft, The0

Where to Find

John Warwick Montgomery Collection Bundle (33 Volumes) is included with the following packages

Category Code Title Price
Primary CollectionsColl12-EngMaster1017English Master Collection (Accordance 12) (October 2017)29999
Primary CollectionsColl12-EngMaster0218English Master Collection (Accordance 12) (February 2018)30899
Primary CollectionsColl12-EngMaster0518English Master Collection (Accordance 12) (May 2018)31599
Primary CollectionsColl12-EngMaster0818English Master Collection (Accordance 12) (August 2018)33399
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Primary CollectionsColl13-EngMaster0720English Master Collection (July 2020)42568


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