History, Law, and Christianity / January 01, 2014

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A stirring defense of the faith by one of Christianity’s ablest defenders, this is a re-issue of the classic “History and Christianity” expanded to include Dr. Montgomery’s essay “Christianity Juridically Defended”.

Dr. John Montgomery, scholar, theologian, and apologist for the faith, developed this book from a seminar he presented at the University of British Columbia. Readable and convincing, the book is divided into four sections:

  • Section One deals with four basic errors usually committed by those who attack the historicity of the New Testament.
  • Section Two defends the accuracy of the New Testament documents, using tests which are commonly applied to any ancient document.
  • Section Three, entitled “God Closes In,” is a powerful defense of the truly divine and truly human nature of Christ.
  • Section Four clearly shows that if Jesus were not the Son of God, the only other alternatives are either liar or lunatic. This section contains Dr. Montgomery’s essay “Christianity Juridically Defended.”

The book includes the transcript of a panel discussion in which Dr. Montgomery convincingly argues from the above four points to demonstrate their application for the reader. Here is excellent material for class discussion or individual study, particularly suited to helping young people combat humanistic concepts of the Bible and Christianity.

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