Human Rights & Human Dignity / January 01, 2016

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No one is against human rights. It is obviously a good thing – until one starts to think about the meaning of the term and it implications. Then it shows itself to be an idea that polarizes, encouraging uncritical support and also extreme reaction from both secularists and religionists.

John Warwick Montgomery, who is both a lawyer and theologian, is uniquely qualified to address the question of human rights. In clear, easily understood language, he analyzes what human rights are and addresses the crucial question, How can human rights, properly understood, be legitimated? Montgomery shows that if there is a foundation for human rights, it must be sought in a transcendent perspective, in the revelational content of the Bible.

Contains a detailed argument for the truth of Christianity based on legal evidence. “Tackles the tricky subject of human rights . . . with legal precision and theological acuity.” (Dr. Harold O. J. Brown) “This book is vintage Montgomery . . . Anyone interested in the justification of human rights or the relationship between law and religion will find many ideas, arguments, and issues to challenge them.” (Prof. Irving Hexham, University of Calgary)

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