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The Targums Wordmap now covers the entire Torah.

Requires Accordance 13.0.3 or above.

The Targums Wordmap is not supported on Accordance Mobile.

For even more information, see this release announcement.

Note: The Targum texts are NOT included with this product. The Targums are sold separately from this database.

The Targums Wordmap database links every equivalent word in the Hebrew Torah and all its Targums. It is the product of the Equivalent Project – a research initiative headed by Dr. Leeor Gottlieb of Bar-Ilan University – which strives to identify and link the contents of ancient biblical translations back to their equivalents in the Hebrew Bible, thus creating a comprehensive synopsis and thesaurus of equivalents of the ancient translations of the Bible.

If you open several parallel panes of Torah and Targums, just float over a word in one text and immediately see all of its equivalents in all other open panes. Targums Wordmap also offers a special alignment pane to view the Hebrew and Aramaic verses as a comprehensive electronic word for word synopsis for reading the Torah and its Targums. The powerful cross-textual search capabilities in Targums Wordmap enables you to search words in one text based on their equivalents in another! For example, would you like to search for all the Nifal verbs in the Torah translated by Ithpeel verbs in Pseudo-Jonathan? Not a problem! Do you want to find every case where Targum Neofiti translates a Hebrew singular noun with an Aramaic plural noun? These and other previously inexecutable searches are possible now with the Targums Wordmap. Just formulate your search in the Text command dialog box and the Targums Wordmap will provide the results for queries heretofore impossible to perform. Top it off by using the new Intertext definitions in the Analysis pane to display a full breakdown of your results.

About This WordMap:
Targums WordMap (The Equivalent Project) © The Equivalent Project by Dr. Leeor Gottlieb (2019). This research was supported by the Israel Science Foundation (grant No. 1046/16).

(1) Biblia Hebraica with Westminster Hebrew Morph 4 (HMT-W4) is required for Targums WordMap use in parallel with the Torah.
(2) The Targum texts are NOT included with this product. The Targums are sold separately from this database.

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  1. Justin

    This resource is excellent, and allows in depth cross textual searching, and easy comparison of the Hebrew Bible with various Aramaic translations (Targums).

    The wordmap can do nothing without the Targum modules, so if you don’t own the Targum modules you might want to buy Targums Add-on, which includes the wordmap and the Targums.

  2. TYA

    I haven’t yet exhausted the power and potential of the Targums WordMap (The Equivalent Project), but this is a state-of-the-art project coming directly out of Israel, and I don’t think any other Bible software has this (or anything like it). To me, the fact that Accordance has this is just awesome. Another reviewer reported buggy behavior, but Accordance is always working hard to fix bugs. They are temporary things, and shouldn’t (in my opinion) weigh in on the overall value of a work. I give this 5 stars because it is a monumental work by Dr. Leeor Gottlieb in Israel, and for those interested in learning Aramaic / the targums, a terrific resource to have.

  3. (verified owner) Benjamin Noonan

    This is a fantastic and invaluable resource. It makes it extremely easy to compare the readings of the various Targums, which is valuable for textual criticism as well as the history of interpretation. To my knowledge, no other Bible software programs has anything quite like it. Kudos to Accordance for their commitment to developing high-quality, text-based resources for biblical study!

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