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Book cover: Crisis in Lutheran Theology (3 Volumes) (John Warwick Montgomery)

Crisis in Lutheran Theology (3 Volumes) (John Warwick Montgomery)

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The Validity and Relevance of Historic Lutheranism vs. Its Contemporary Rivals

  • Volume 1: Consists of essays by John Warwick Montgomery himself, and is addressed primarily to theologians
  • Volume 2:  Consists of an anthology by eight separate Lutheran contributors and is addressed to laymen as well as professional theologians.
  • Volume 3: Essays by John Warwick Montgomery on the Heritage of the Reformation and the Kloha Catastrophe

Though obviously addressing themselves primarily to Lutheranism, the materials are, to a large degree, equally applicable to many of the other Christian communions and will be found to be extremely valuable in assessing the needs of a variety of denominations.

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