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The Old Testament Library (OTL) commentaries originated in the mid-20th century as English translations of the German series Das Alte Testament Deutsch. As the series progressed, original new volumes in English appeared until the series encompassed the contents of the entire Hebrew Bible. Additionally, volumes with corollary topical studies were included under the series name.

In the early 21st century, volumes for the New Testament Library (NTL) were introduced, following in the same tradition as the OTL. In addition to newly written commentaries on the New Testament, corollary topical studies were produced for this series, too, including the adoption of important previously-written 20th-century works that had not been surpassed in scholarship in the intervening years since their initial publication.

Both the OTL and NTL include contributions by Protestant biblical scholars who are considered the top of their respective fields. These writers have been given an extremely wide latitude in the direction of their commentaries and topical studies, so they do not always follow an exact structure and format from volume to volume. Individual commentaries may give focus to any number of different emphases: historical context, philology, literary and syntactical aspects, form criticism, or theology. One writer may focus on documentary sources, while another is only concerned with the final form of the text. The end result is a library of critical biblical scholarship not found in any other commentary series available.

For even more information, see this Review #1, this Review #2, and this Review #3.

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Commentary Series

The commentary series provide fresh translations based on the best available ancient manuscripts, critical portrayals of the historical world in which the books were created, careful attention to their literary design, and a theologically perceptive exposition of the biblical text.

Each volume of the commentary series is available individually as well as combined.

Old Testament Library Commentary (31 Volumes)

This module contains 31 volumes that cover the entire Old Testament. The following volumes are included:

  • Genesis (Gerhard von Rad) (1972) (Regular Price $34.90)
  • Exodus (Brevard S. Childs) (1974) (Regular Price $49.90)
  • Leviticus (Erhard S. Gerstenberger) (1993) (Regular Price $34.90)
  • Numbers (Martin Noth) (1968) (Regular Price $34.90)
  • Deuteronomy (Richard D. Nelson) (2002) (Regular Price $49.90)
  • Joshua (Richard D. Nelson) (1997) (Regular Price $49.90)
  • Judges (Susan Niditch) (2011) (Regular Price $39.90) **
  • Ruth (Kirsten Nielsen) (1997) (Regular Price $29.90)
  • 1-2 Samuel (A. Graeme Auld) (2011) (Regular Price $39.90) **
  • 1-2 Kings (Marvin A. Sweeney) (2007) (Regular Price $39.90)
  • 1-2 Chronicles (Sara Japhet) (1993) (Regular Price $44.90)
  • Ezra-Nehemiah (Joseph Blenkinsopp) (1988) (Regular Price $34.90)
  • Esther (Jon D. Levenson) (1997) (Regular Price $34.90)
  • Job (Norman C. Habel) (1985) (Regular Price $39.90)
  • Psalms (Artur Weiser) (1998) (Regular Price $54.90)
  • Proverbs (Richard J. Clifford) (1999) (Regular Price $39.90)
  • Ecclesiastes (James L. Crenshaw) (1987) (Regular Price $24.90)
  • Song of Songs (J. Cheryl Exum) (2005) (Regular Price $34.90)
  • Isaiah (Brevard S. Childs) (2000) (Regular Price $54.90) **
  • Jeremiah (Leslie C. Allen) (2008) (Regular Price $49.90)
  • Lamentations (Adele Berlin) (2002) (Regular Price $29.90)
  • Ezekiel (Walther Eichrodt) (1970) (Regular Price $39.90)
  • Daniel (Carol A. Newsom) (2014) (Regular Price $24.90) **
  • Hosea (James L. Mays) (1969) (Regular Price $24.90)
  • Joel and Obadiah (John Barton) (2001) (Regular Price $29.90)
  • Amos (Jorg Jeremias) (1998) (Regular Price $29.90) **
  • Jonah (James Limburg) (1993) (Regular Price $29.90)
  • Micah (Daniel L. Smith-Christopher) (2015) (Regular Price $39.90) **
  • Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah (J. J. M. Roberts) (1991) (Regular Price $29.90)
  • Haggai through Malachi (Regular Price $69.90)
    • Haggai and Zechariah 1-8 (David L. Petersen) (1984)
    • Zechariah 9-14 through Malachi (David L. Petersen) (1995)

** These volumes represent the latest published volume for these books. Earlier published volumes (“classic” volumes) for these particular books are listed below.

Old Testament Commentary Library (31 Volumes)
List Price $1,167
Regular Price $699
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New Testament Library Commentary (15 Volumes)

This module covers the entire New Testament with the exception of Matthew, Romans, 1 Corinthians, and James. It includes the following 15 volumes:

  • Mark (M. Eugene Boring) (2006) (Regular Price $44.90)
  • Luke (John T. Carroll) (2012) (Regular Price $44.90)
  • John (Marianne Meye Thompson) (2015) (Regular Price $44.90)
  • Acts (Carl R. Holladay) (2016) (Regular Price $44.90)
  • 2 Corinthians (Frank J. Matera) (2003) (Regular Price $44.90)
  • Galatians (Martinus C. de Boer) (2011) (Regular Price $44.90)
  • Ephesians (Stephen E. Fowl) (2012) (Regular Price $39.90)
  • Philippians and Philemon (Charles B. Cousar) (2009) (Regular Price $34.90)
  • Colossians (Jerry L. Sumney) (2008) (Regular Price $39.90)
  • 1-2 Thessalonians (M. Eugene Boring) (2015) (Regular Price $34.90)
  • 1-2 Timothy and Titus (Raymond F. Collins) (2002) (Regular Price $39.90)
  • Hebrews (Luke Timothy Johnson) (2006) (Regular Price $44.90)
  • 1-2 Peter and Jude (Lewis R. Donelson) (2010) (Regular Price $44.90)
  • 1-3 John (Judith M. Lieu) (2008) (Regular Price $44.90)
  • Revelation (Brian K. Blount) (2009) (Regular Price $39.90)

New Testament Commentary Library (15 Volumes)
List Price $633
Regular Price $399
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Old Testament Library Classic Volumes (9 Volumes)

This module contains 9 classic volumes (volumes that have been superseded by newer works within the Old Testament Library Commentary series). The following volumes are included:

  • Deuteronomy (Gerhard von Rad) (1966) (Regular Price $44.90)
  • Judges (J. Alberto Soggin) (1981) (Regular Price $44.90)
  • 1-2 Samuel (Hans Wilhelm Hertzberg) (1965) (Regular Price $44.90)
  • Isaiah (3 Volumes) (Regular Price $99.90)
    • Isaiah 1-12 (Otto Kaiser) (1983)
    • Isaiah 13-39 (Otto Kaiser) (1974)
    • Isaiah 40-66 (Claus Westermann) (1969)
  • Daniel (Norman W. Porteous) (1965) (Regular Price $44.90)
  • Amos (James L. Mays) (1969) (Regular Price $44.90)
  • Micah (James L. Mays) (1976) (Regular Price $44.90)

Old Testament Library Classic Volumes (9 Volumes)
List Price $369
Regular Price $329
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OT Library and NT Library Companion Volumes

Most commentary writers do their best to stay focused on the guidelines given to them by the publisher, an editor, or the boundaries of their own perspectives. Yet writing about books of the Bible often raises questions that demand further attention outside specified goals of the work at hand. Many commentaries have excursus sections to explore some of these side-issues, but some subjects are so rich, they deserve their own separate treatment.

The editors of the Old Testament Library and New Testament Library recognized a need for more than just commentaries on the Bible in their respective series. Thus, they have produced companion topical studies and surveys that explore specific subjects in book-length treatments.

Old Testament Library Companion Volumes (9 Volumes)

Old Testament volumes explore specific theological subjects, Jewish wisdom in the context of Hellenism, culture and thought during and after the Exile, and other historical surveys. These volumes are available individually as well as in a 9-volume bundle.

  • Theology of the Old Testament (2 Volumes) (Eichrodt): As a pioneer in what is known as the biblical theology movement, Eichrodt devoted his major effort to writing a monumental three-volume Theology of the Old Testament. (Regular Price $79.90) [For even more information on this volume, see this blog post.]
  • Exile and Restoration: A Study of Hebrew Thought of the Sixth Century B.C.: This study of sixth-century Hebrew thought, a part of the Old Testament Library series, grew out of Peter Ackroyd’s influential Hulsean Lectures on the same topic. (Regular Price $34.90)
  • Introduction to the Old Testament: From Its Origins to the Closing of the Alexandrian Canon (Third Edition) (Soggin): A classic in biblical interpretation has been updated for today’s scholars and students. This new edition of Introduction to the Old Testament, translated by John Bowden, retains the clarity and breadth that has contributed to Alberto Soggin’s reputation as an outstanding biblical authority. He brings this third edition up to date using the latest scholarship, while retaining the same basic approach and divisions used in earlier versions. (Regular Price $39.90)
  • A History of Israelite Religion in the Old Testament Period (2 Volumes): This comprehensive history of Israel and Judah from the earliest discernible beginnings to Hellenistic times chronicles these kingdoms, not only in light of the religions of the ancient Near East but also in light of what we can recover of Israelite social history. (Regular Price $69.90)
  • Jewish Wisdom in the Hellenistic Age: Jewish wisdom flourished under Hellenism in the books of Ben Sira and the wisdom of Solomon, as well as in a recently discovered sapiential text from Qumran. In this book, internationally known author John Collins presents a compelling description and analysis of these three texts and their continuing wisdom traditions. (Regular Price $39.90)
  • Old Testament Theology (2 Volumes) (Preuss): In this work, Horst Preuss provides a comprehensive analysis of the theology of the Old Testament. This comprehensive analysis uses the most recent scholarship to reveal the central theme of Old Testament theology—God’s acts of election and covenant and man’s subsequent responses. It also examines the Sinai and Exodus traditions, the figure of Moses, the themes of law and land, and more. (Regular Price $79.90)

Old Testament Companion Set (9 Volumes)
List Price $344
Regular Price $299
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New Testament Library Companion Volumes (4 Volumes)

The New Testament Library includes new works such as J. Louis Martyn’s historical and theological analysis of John’s Gospel. But this series also “resurrected” significant 20th century works that had never been surpassed in their relevance but had gone out of print. These volumes cover subjects such as New Testament imagery relating to the church, issues relating to apostolic authority from a Pauline perspective, as well as Pauline theology and ethics.

  • Images of the Church in the New Testament (Paul Sevier Minear): First published in 1960, Paul Minear’s classic work identifies and explicates ninety-six images for the church found in the New Testament. Comprehensive and accessibly written, it has been used in seminary classes for over thirty years. Its range of reach and incredibly rich discussions of the many images and metaphors make this book a splendid resource for students and pastors. (Regular Price $29.90)
  • Paul and the Anatomy of Apostolic Authority (John Howard Schütz): John Howard Schütz’s milestone analysis of Paul’s authority shaped a generation of thought about Paul. This insightful work continues to be relevant to Pauline scholarship. (Regular Price $39.90)
  • Theology and Ethics in Paul (Victor Paul Furnish): First published in 1968–and out of print since the 1980s–Victor Paul Furnish’s treatment of Paul’s theology and ethics has long been regarded as the key scholarly statement and most useful textbook on Paul’s thought. Now, Theology and Ethics in Paul is available once again. Featuring a new introduction from Richard Hays, this timeless volume is as relevant in this century as it was in the last. (Regular Price $34.90)
  • History and Theology in the Fourth Gospel (J. Louis Martyn): This volume surveys the scholarly work that has been done concerning the book of John. J. Louis Martyn also provides his own reading of the fourth Gospel. (Regular Price $24.90)

For even more information on these NTL Topical Studies, see this blog article.

New Testament Companion Set (4 Volumes)
List Price $129
Regular Price $99.90
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OT / NT Library Bundles

The commentary series and the companion series can be purchased in the following discounted bundles:

68-Volume WJK Library Bundle

Set Includes:

  • 31-Volume Old Testament Commentary Library
  • 15-Volume New Testament Commentary Library
  • 4-Volume New Testament Companion Set
  • 9-Volume Old Testament Companion Set
  • 9-Volume Classic Old Testament Alternate Commentary Set

List Price $4,442
Regular Price $1,726
Buy Now

46-Volume OT/NT Commentary Bundle

Set Includes:

  • 31-Volume Old Testament Commentary Library
  • 15-Volume New Testament Commentary Library

List Price $1,800
Regular Price $999
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