Starter Collection – Hebrew Language Specialty

Prod ID: Coll13-Starter-Hebrew
Retail: $278.00 / Accordance: $99.90

This Accordance Collection now includes version 14 of the Accordance application, with the following new features:

• Dynamic Word Study
• Custom Phrasing
• Easy Answers
• Quick-Click Navigation
• User Tool Commentaries and Dictionaries
• Unicode User Tools
• Improved Dark Mode Support

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We provide this collection for users who want to try a fully working version of Accordance with the complete tagged Hebrew Bible. We recommend that you upgrade soon to the Greek and Hebrew Learner or Discoverer Collections.

With the original text, the Hebrew Language Starter Collection includes an introductory set of Bibles and tools to provide you with everything you need for basic study. The ESV Bible is tagged with Strong’s numbers, supporting cross-highlighting and dynamic interlinear. BDB Abridged Hebrew lexicon supplies extended definitions of the original words.

Special Starter Collection Contents

  • Accordance Basic Starter
  • + Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia with ETCBC Morphology (Contains BHS Text Only, Not the Apparatus)
  • + BDB Abridged Hebrew lexicon
  • + Wigram’s Hebrew Verb Parsings


  • Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia with ETCBC Morphology (Contains BHS Text Only, Not the Apparatus)
  • BDB Abridged Hebrew lexicon
  • ESV Bible tagged with Strong’s numbers
  • Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
  • IVP New Bible Commentary

For users currently running the free Mobile or Lite applications, upgrading to this Specialty Starter will:

  • upgrade the Accordance program to the full-featured program for the desktop, and
  • add valuable additional content modules.

*Content and Pricing Subject to Change.

Included Modules

The following modules and groups are included when you purchase this package.

Category Code Title Price
Photo CollectionsPhotoGuide SamplerAccordance PhotoGuide Sampler0
Image Rich ToolsMaps SamplerAccordance Atlas Sampler0
Image Rich ToolsTimeline SamplerAccordance Timeline Sampler0
English BiblesESVSEnglish Standard Version with Strong’s19.9
English BiblesASVAmerican Standard Version0
English BiblesBBEBible in Basic English0
English BiblesDOUAYDouay-Rheims Bible0
English BiblesKJVAKing James Version Apocrypha0
English BiblesKJVSKing James Version with Strong’s0
English BiblesWEBWorld English Bible0
CommentariesIVP-NB CommentaryNew Bible Commentary39.9
CommentariesJFBJamieson, Fausset & Brown’s Commentary on the Whole Bible0
Notes & Cross-referencesTreasury EnhancedTreasury of Scripture Knowledge0
DictionariesEerdmans DictionaryEerdmans Dictionary of the Bible29.9
DictionariesEastonEaston’s Bible Dictionary0
DictionariesNamesBible Names Dictionary0
DictionariesWebsterWebster’s 1913 Unabridged English Dictionary19.9
General ToolsRead Me-ModulesRead Me Information on Modules0
Biblical Collection0
Biblical StudiesClassic PassagesClassic Bible Passages0
Biblical StudiesDr. J's BSMDr. J’s Bible Study Methods0
Biblical StudiesKeener-ContextThe Bible in Its Context (English and Spanish)0
Biblical StudiesNave'sNave's Topical Bible0
Biblical StudiesOutlinesOutlines of the Bible Books0
Biblical StudiesParables & MiraclesParables and Miracles0
DevotionalsChronological ReadingsChronological Readings0
DevotionalsDevotional ReadingsDevotional Readings0
PracticalGetting StartedGetting Started with Accordance0
ParallelsEpistlesEpistles Parallel (not for Mobile)0
ParallelsGospelsGospel Synopsis Parallel (not for Mobile)0
ParallelsHarmonyGospel Harmony Parallel (not for Mobile)0
ParallelsOT in NTOld Testament in New Testament Parallel (not for Mobile)0
ParallelsOld TestamentOld Testament Parallel (not for Mobile)0
ParallelsQ (Sayings)Q (Sayings) Parallel (not for Mobile)0
ParallelsSynopticsSynoptic Gospels Parallel (not for Mobile)0
Greek BiblesGNT-TRSGreek New Testament (Textus Receptus) with Strong's19.9
Greek BiblesGNT-DEMODemo of Greek NT (fully tagged Matthew 1-3)0
Greek LexiconsGreek Strong'sStrong's Greek Dictionary0
Greek LexiconsMounce Greek DictionaryMounce Concise Greek-English Dictionary of the New Testament0
Hebrew BiblesHMT-DEMODemo of Hebrew Bible (fully tagged Genesis 1-3)0
Hebrew BiblesMT-ETCBCBiblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia with ETCBC Morphology (Text)28.9
Hebrew LexiconsBDBBrown-Driver-Briggs Abridged Hebrew Lexicon with Strong’s0
Hebrew LexiconsHebrew Strong'sStrong’s Hebrew Dictionary0
Hebrew LexiconsKM Hebrew DictionaryKohlenberger/Mounce Concise Hebrew-Aramaic Dictionary0
Semitic Study ToolsVerbs-HebrewWigram’s Hebrew Verb Parsings0
International BiblesCUVS-TRADChinese Union Version with Strong’s Numbers, Traditional and Simplified19.9
International BiblesNKRVKorean Bible: New Korean Revised Version (with Notes)19.9
International BiblesALMEIDAPortuguese Bible: João Ferreira De Almeida Atualizada0
International BiblesCEI2008Italian: Conferenza Episcopale Italiana 20080
International BiblesCEI74Italian: Conferenza Episcopale Italiana 19740
International BiblesELBER05German Elberfelder 19050
International BiblesLSGFrench: Louis Segond Bible0
International BiblesLUTH12German Lutherbibel 19120
International BiblesRVR09SSpanish 1909 Reina Valera with Strong’s numbers0
International BiblesVDC2014Romanian: Versiunea Dumitru Cornilescu 20140
Accessory ModulesBiblical AramaicBiblical Aramaic0
Accessory ModulesCUVS-SIMPCUVS-SIMP0
Accessory ModulesESV NotesESV Notes0
Accessory ModulesNKRV NotesNKRV Notes0
Accessory Modules13-AccAccordance Software Version 130
Accessory ModulesASV NotesASV Notes0
Accessory ModulesBBE IntroBBE Intro0
Accessory ModulesCEI2008 NoteItalian: Conferenza Episcopale Italiana 2008 Note0
Accessory ModulesCEI2008-2Italian: Conferenza Episcopale Italiana 2008 (Parallel)0
Accessory ModulesKeener-ContextoThe Bible in Its Context: How to Improve Your Study of the Scriptures (Spanish)0
Accessory ModulesVDC2014 NoteRomanian: Versiunea Dumitru Cornilescu 2014 Note0
Accessory ModulesWEB NotesWEB Notes0


  1. (verified owner) Petrus Janse van Rensburg

    Good resources.
    1. The Hebrew Bible Text:
    Searching is usually very good. Good back-up for HMT-W4 when the last-named module fails to search well.
    Parsing not as accurate as in HMT-W4. E.g. Polel is simply called Piel, etc. Many difficult words do not contain a gloss in the instant details.
    The transcript contains some errors:
    1. Deu. 12:9 “כִּ֥י לֹא־בָּאתֶ֖ם” should have no Dagesh in Bet of ‘Batem’ – I checked the manuscript.
    2. Ps. 83:11 “הָ֥יוּ דֹּ֝֗מֶן” – should have no Dagesh in Dalet of ‘Domen’ – I checked the manuscript.
    3. Ps. 105:1 “קִרְא֣וּ בִּשְׁמ֑וֹ” – should have no Dagesh in Bet of ‘Bishmo’ – I checked the manuscript.
    4. Ps. 21:14 “יְהוָ֣ה בְעֻזֶּ֑ךָ” – should have a Dagesh in Bet of ‘Be’uzecha’ – I checked the manuscript.
    5. Lev. 26:34 “כֹּל יְמֵ֣י הֳשַּׁמָּ֔ה” – should have no Dagesh in Shin of ‘Hoshamah’ – I checked the manuscript.
    6. Lev. 26:34 “כֹּל יְמֵ֣י הֳשַּׁמָּ֔ה” – should have a Qamets and not Cheteiph Qamets on He of ‘Hoshamah’ – I checked the manuscript.
    7. Is. 14:11 “הוּרַ֥ד שְׁא֛וֹל גְאוֹנֶ֖ךָ” – should have a Dagesh in Gimel of ‘Ge’onecha’ – I checked the manuscript.
    8. Jer. 49:37 “אֶת־עֵ֠ילָם לפְנֵ֨” – The lamed has no vowel!
    9. Eze. 23:36 “אֵ֖ת תוֹעֲבוֹתֵיהֶֽן” – should have a Dagesh in the Taw of ‘To’avoteihem’ – I checked the manuscript.
    10. 1Chron. 5:16 “עַל־תוֹצְאוֹתָֽם” – should have a Dagesh in the first Taw of ‘Tots’otam’ – I checked the manuscript.

  2. (verified owner) Petrus Janse van Rensburg

    Good resources.
    2. BDB Lexicon (abridged):
    Good starter lexicon, but not always accurate. The meanings given for the Aramaic sections of the Hebrew Bible are very basic and is more like a glossary.

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