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Text of OT_120

NEW! Text of the Old Testament: An Intro to the Biblia Hebraica (3rd Ed.)

Exegetical Fallacies_120

NEW! Exegetical Fallacies (2nd Edition) (Carson)

Hermeneutical Spiral_120

NEW! The Hermeneutical Spiral (2nd Ed.) (Osborne)

Reading-Founding Fathers_120

NEW! Reading the Bible with the Founding Fathers


NEW! Milestone of the Master (Wiersbe)


NEW! Truth on Its Head (Wiersbe)

McMinn-Sin & Grace_120

NEW! Sin and Grace in Christian Counseling (McMinn)

Sells & Yarhouse-Couples_120

NEW! Counseling Couples in Conflict (Sells, Yarhouse)


NEW! Theology for Better Counseling (Holeman)

Faith & Psychology_120

NEW! Integrating Faith and Psychology


NEW! Integrative Psychotherapy (McMinn, Campbell)

Gingrich-Shattered Self_120

NEW! Restoring the Shattered Self (Gingrich)


NEW! Journal of Biblical Counseling (Vols 1-31)

Spirit Empowered Preach_120

NEW! Spirit Empowered Preaching

Burridge-Four Gospels_120

NEW! Four Gospels, One Jesus? (Burridge)

CPG-Jesus Christ_120

NEW! Christian's Pocket Guide Bundle
(11 Volumes)

OT Law for Christians_120

NEW! Old Testament Law for Christians (Gane)

Bird-Gospel of Lord_120

NEW! The Gospel of the Lord (Bird)

Portable Seminary_120

Portable Seminary
(2nd Edition)


Preaching Christ Bundle
(5 Volumes)

Witherington-NT Story_120

The New Testament Story (Witherington)

History of Interpretation_120

History of Biblical Interpretation
(Volumes 1-3)

McKenzie-Read Bible_120

How to Read the Bible (McKenzie)

Hobbs-My Favorite_120

My Favorite Illustrations (Hobbs)

Easy to Say_120

That's Easy for You To Say

Devotions on GNT_120

Devotions on the Greek New Testament (Vol. 2)

Devotions on HB

Devotions on the Hebrew Bible


Handbooks for Old Testament Exegesis
(6 Volumes)


Handbooks for New Testament Exegesis
(3 Volumes)


Koine Greek Reader (Decker)


F. F. Bruce Bundle (19 Volumes)

Feasting-Children Sermons

Feasting on the Word Children's Sermons (Years A-C) and Guide to Children's Sermons

Contemporary Preaching_120

Handbook of Contemporary Preaching


New Bibles & Original Language Texts


NEW! Hebrew New Testament (Modern Translation) with Strong's


NEW! Arabic New Testament with Strong's Numbers (Smith and Van Dyke)


NEW! Perseus Classics (Greek, English, and Notes)


Pseudo-Clementine Homilies (Tagged Greek, English, and Notes)


LXX Göttingen with Apparatus: 2 Chronicles


New Commentaries & Study Bibles

Mentor NTC_120

NEW! A Mentor Commentary (18 OT Volumes; 4 NT Volumes)

NIV Biblical Theology SB_120

NEW! NIV Biblical Theology SB


NEW! Kregel Exegetical Library (7 Volumes)

Two Horizons

NEW! Two Horizons:
12-volume OT and
9-volume NT

Hermeneia Set_120

NEW! Hermeneia Commentary (New Volumes: First Isaiah, Philippians)

Oxford Commentary_120

Oxford Bible Commentary

Teachers Commentary_120

Teacher's Bible Commentary


Pillar NT Commentary Series: New volume added

Catholic SB-3_120

Catholic Study Bible (3rd Edition)


NEW! The Bible in Medieval Tradition (4 vols)

ACT-Gen 1-3_120

NEW! Ancient Christian Texts (15 vols)

Access Bible_120

Access Bible Notes


NEW! The Gospel of John (2 vols) (Keener)

NICNT-Romans 2_120

NICNT Commentary Series: New volumes added


NICOT Commentary Series: New volumes added

Church Bible-5_120

NEW! The Church's Bible (5 vols)

Jewish Annotated NT-2_120

Jewish Annotated New Testament (2nd Ed.)

Jewish SB-2_120

Jewish Study Bible Notes (2nd Ed.)

Holman Illustrated SB_120

Holman Illustrated Study Bible


New Oxford Annotated Bible with Apocrypha (5th Edition)

Biblical Illustrator_120

The Biblical Illustrator: Old and New Testament

New Dictionaries & Grammars

Mounce Greek 4_120

NEW! Basics of Biblical Greek (4th Edition) (Mounce)

Mounce 4 Workbook_120

NEW! Basics of Biblical Greek Workbook (4th Edition) (Mounce)

Futato Hebrew_120

NEW! Beginning Biblical Hebrew (Futato)


NEW! TDOT Vol. XVI: Aramaic Dictionary

Readers GNT Lexicon_120

A New Reader's Lexicon of the Greek NT


Koine Greek Reader

Oxford Companion_120

Oxford Companion to the Bible


Oxford Dictionary of the Bible (2nd Ed.)

People & Places of Bible_120

The Oxford Guide to People & Places of the Bible

Visual Tools

Atlas Christian History_120

NEW! Atlas of Christian History

Picture the NT_120

Accordance's Picture the New Testament: A PhotoCommentary


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