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New General Releases

Intro OT Pentateuch

NEW! An Introduction to the Old Testament Pentateuch

Intro OT Historical

NEW! An Introduction to the Old Testament Historical Books

Intro OT Poetic

NEW! An Introduction to the Old Testament Poetic Books

Intro OT Prophetic

NEW! An Introduction to the Old Testament Prophetic Books


NEW! Miracles: The Credibility of the New Testament Account (2 Volumes) (Keener)

Compact Guide to Bible

NEW! A Compact Guide to the Whole Bible

C-Jerusalem Atlas

NEW! The Carta Jerusalem Atlas (3rd Ed.)


NEW! Book Bundle from Biblical Archaeology Society (4 Works)

European Reformations

NEW! Atlas of the European Reformations

Luther-95 Theses

NEW! Luther's 95 Theses

Resilient Reformer

NEW! Resilient Reformer: Martin Luther

Annotated Luther

NEW! Annotated Luther (5 Volumes)

Packer-Concise Theology_120

NEW! Concise Theology (Packer)


NEW! Basic Theology (Ryrie)


NEW! Interpretation Resources (7 volumes)

C-Bible Atlas 5

NEW! Carta Bible Atlas (5th Edition) (upgrade available from 4th Ed.)


Old Testament Pseudepigrapha, More Noncanonical Scriptures: Volume 1 (Bauckham)


Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion (Translated by Ford Lewis Battles)


Multiple Works (23) by Walter Brueggemann (available individually and bundled)


Five (5) works by Marilyn Chandler McEntyre (available individually and bundled)

Pocket Dictionaries

Fifteen (15)
IVP Pocket Dictionaries/Handbooks
(available individually and bundled)

Niehaus-Bib Theology 1

Biblical Theology (Volume 1): The Common Grace Covenants (Niehaus)

Lent For Everyone

Lent for Everyone (N. T. Wright)

Falling Into Goodness

Falling into Goodness (DeGroat)

Hermeneutics-5 Views

IVP: Biblical Hermeneutics: 5 Views

Psychology-5 Views

IVP: Psychology & Christianity: 5 Views

Reason-3 Views

IVP: Faith & Reason: 3 Views


Reading Scripture with the Church Fathers (Hall)

Christian Martyrdom_120

Ancient Christian Martyrdom (Moss)

Gnostic Scriptures_120

The Gnostic Scriptures (Layton)

Brown-NT Intro_120

An Introduction to the NT (Brown)

Brown-NT Abridged_120

An Introduction to the NT (Abridged Edition) (Brown)

Brown-John Intro_120

An Introduction to the Gospel of John (Brown)


Reading the Bible as Literature (4 Volumes) (Ryken)

Longman-Read Job_120

How to Read Job
(Walton, Longman)

1000 Bosquejos_120

1000 bosquejos para predicadores


Prophecy and History in Relation to the Messiah (Edersheim)

Edersheim-Jewish History

History of the Jewish Nation (Edersheim)


Genealogies of the Bible


New Bibles & Original Language Texts


Christian Standard Bible (2017)


NEW! LXX Göttingen with Apparatus: Job


NEW! Lutherbibel 2017 (with lemmas, notes, and dictionary)


On the Holy Spirit (Basil the Great) (Greek and English)


Discourses on the Son of God (Gregory Nazianzus) (Greek and English)


Vetus Latina
Latin Text


Hebrew Masoretic Text with ETCBC Morphology


Spanish: La Palabra de Dios para Todos
with Notes


Swedish: Svenska Folkbibeln 2015 with Notes and Reading Plan

New Commentaries & Study Bibles

Preacher's Commentary

NEW! The Preacher's Commentary Series

Moody Commentary_120

NEW! Moody Bible Commentary

MacArthur NTC

MacArthur NT Commentary (Adds 5 new volumes)

AF Reader

A Reader’s Lexicon of the Apostolic Fathers

Interpretation Commentary

NEW! Interpretation Commentary (OT / NT)

Interpretation Studies-19_120

NEW! Interpretation Bible Studies (19 volumes)

Pulpit Commentary_120

Pulpit Commentary
(22 Volumes)

Womens Commentary

Women's Bible Commentary

Womans Bible

The Woman's Bible (Elizabeth Cady Stanton)

Birth of Messiah_120

Birth of the Messiah: A Commentary on the Infancy Narratives (Raymond Brown)

Death of Messiah_1_120

Death of the Messiah: From Gethsemane to the Grave (2 Volumes) (Brown)


Commentary on Micah (Waltke)

Comentario de Robertson_120

Comentario al texto griego del Nuevo Testamento (Robertson)


Malachi Then and Now (Ross)

Pentateuch Intro_120

The Pentateuch (Blenkinsopp)

Comentario de Barclay_120

Comentario al Nuevo Testamento (Barclay)

Comentario de Henry_120

Comentario Biblico (Matthew Henry)

Comentario de MacDonald_120

Comentario Biblico (MacDonald)

Eerdmans Commentary_120

Eerdmans Commentary on the Bible

Hebrew Audio OT

Hebrew Old Testament Audio

Hebrew Audio NT

Hebrew New Testament Audio

New Dictionaries & Grammars

Theological Terms

Westminster Dictionary of Theological Terms

IVP Pocket

NEW! Multiple IVP Pocket Dictionaries (available individually or bundled)


BDF Greek Grammar of the NT and Other Early Christian Literature

Visual Tools

BAR 2016_120

NEW! Biblical Archaeology Review (1975-2016)

PhotoGuide Overview

Accordance PhotoGuide: Overview

PhotoGuide Israel

Accordance PhotoGuide: Israel

PhotoGuide Egypt

Accordance PhotoGuide: Egypt

PhotoGuide Near East

Accordance PhotoGuide: Near East

PhotoGuide Turkey

Accordance PhotoGuide: Turkey

PhotoGuide Europe

Accordance PhotoGuide: Europe

PhotoMuseum 2

Accordance PhotoMuseum 2

Satellite Atlas

Satellite Bible Atlas

New for Scholars…

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